The Loddon Plains extends from Carisbrook in the south to Nyah in the north and includes the townships of Inglewood, Bridgewater, Boort, Pyramid Hill, Kerang, Cohuna, Koondrook, Lake Boga and Swan Hill. The proposed Plan area is shown in the Loddon Plans Groundwater Management Area map.

The plan will replace the Mid Loddon Groundwater Management Area (GMA) Local Management Rules and will include licence holders in the unincorporated areas to the west, east and north of the Mid Loddon Plan.

Over recent years there has been increased interest in the use of saline groundwater in these areas. A new Local Management Plan (LMP) ensures that the resource can be managed appropriately and fairly for all licence holders.

LMPs are developed by GMW in consultation with groundwater users, traditional owners, government agencies and the wider community who will all be invited to comment on a draft plan.


In September 2023, we asked for feedback from groundwater users in the Mid Loddon GMA on the existing plan. This information will help shape the next steps in drafting the new plan.

A summary of the feedback received can be found here: Summary of feedback: Mid Loddon Local Management Rules Survey.

Implementation Committee

In the coming months GMW will be seeking to appoint a committee to develop the new plan. Those who would like to be on the committee are encouraged to contact Scott Ridges via to express their interest.

More information

Suzanne Hayes, Senior Groundwater & Streams Project Officer

Scott Ridges, Groundwater & Streams Coordinator

Phone 1800 013 357