365 Day Gravity Irrigation

365 Day Gravity Irrigation

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What things are important to you as we consider a 365-day irrigation service in some parts of the system?

“We need to attract new investment to the region. The vegetable growers are interested in this area, but need winter water access for production.”  

Our region is home to some of the country’s most innovative farmers. More than this, the$2 billion Connections Project is ensuring our delivery system is one of the best in the world.

The security of our delivery network is not only supporting our region’s farmers, it’s attracting interest from investors from outside our region.

Recently land use pressure on the urban fringe of Melbourne has been generating further interest in our region. Developing this new investment could have huge benefits for our region, delivering jobs and a serious boost to our region’s economy.However, to do this GMW would need to provide water beyond the traditional irrigation season (which currently runs from August 15 to May 15).

We are excited about the prospects of growing our region. We will do all we can to support regional development and need to investigate how widely we can provide 365-day irrigation in the GMID.

This investigation will need to take into account any price implications for our customers, be they positive or negative, and other impacts.

For example,we have traditionally drained large sections of channels over winter to allow for frosting of weeds, to enable asset replacements and maintenance work.Frosting of aquatic weeds is not simply an efficient method of dealing with submerged weeds, it’s by far the cheapest option. Chemical treatment is less effective, more costly and more likely to harm the environment.

We currently consider applications for winter irrigation supply on a case-by-case basis. We are proposing to investigate the opportunities and risks of pursuing 365 day irrigation within the gravity irrigation districts.

It will consider:

  • In which locations a 365 day supply would be appropriate / viable
  • Whether customers should include on-farm storage
  • How to appropriately recover the additional operational costs of extended supply
  • Any additional system losses, and;
  • How we ensure a fairer deal for all.

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