Customer Service Point Fees

Customer Service Point Fees

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You have asked us to simplify our Customer Service Point Fee charges.

“Stop charging for service points that never get used. Look at the fee structure. How can remote access fees be so high?”

Customer service point fees recover the cost of infrastructure connecting your property to our assets. You have emphasised that some of the service points are redundant, yet attract fees. You have asked us to simplify our charges and create a fairer deal for all. To do this,we are proposing:

  • Treating all service points the same way across all customer groups and recovering the average cost of operating and maintaining each type of service point at the individual service point level
  • Recovering the cost of channel automation more broadly from all customers within the gravity channel system
  • Incorporating corporate overhead costs in the Service Point Fee
  • Removing the differentiation between Local Read Local Operate and Locate Operate Remote Read, and creating a single Local Operate charge
  • To assist in monitoring customer compliance with water use – and to reduce our costs - we propose asking our customers with a local read outlet to enter a meter reading at the end of each irrigation, and;
  • We will look at ways for you to reduce your service point fees by investigating mothballing and options to rationalise. This is also in line with transforming our business to reflect the consolidation of our customer base

The price impacts of the proposed changes to Service Point Fees are shown in the table below. Note the amounts shown are the proposed price at the end of the transition period and current prices are shown in brackets.

*There are eight Remote Operate outlets in Woorinen

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