Diversions - Regulated System

Diversions - Regulated System

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Being able to efficiently provide our regulated diversions customers access to water is a priority for us.


A regulated surface water system is a river or creek that is controlled or ‘regulated’ by Goulburn‑Murray Water (GMW) water storages from which water releases are made as required.

 Being able to efficiently provide our regulated diversions customers access to water is a priority for us. We are the delegated authority responsible for managing the delivery of the finite water resources in our regulated systems.

The aim of the service standard ‘95% of orders are able to be accessed on the same day requested’ is to ensure customers get water when and where it’s needed.

We’re currently achieving this target. But our success is reliant on our customers ordering their water correctly and notifying us of any changes which effect these requirements.  

Our customers order water online or over the phone through WaterLINE our water ordering system. It allows our customers to place irrigation orders, communicate with us and monitor their water usage based on the allocation and entitlement they hold.

Why is this topic being considered?

We are committed to assisting you to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. We want to understand the best possible service we can offer to ensure on-farm productivity, while keeping our pricing affordable.

What are the decisions to be made?

  • When it comes to accessing water what’s most important to you?
  • Do you think the current service is appropriate?
  • Does it reflect what’s most important to you?
  • Can we better measure our performance in meeting your needs?
  • Do you think better education is required to ensure our customers know how to correctly order water?

How does this matter affect customers?

Customers need to know when they will get their water and at what rate to ensure their irrigation needs are met.

What is not-negotiable in this topic?

GMW must provide the services as outlined in the Diverters Tariff.

What is negotiable in this topic?

  • The time frames for ordering water
  • The way we measure our success in meeting customers’ orders.

What are the known, viable options?

Scheduling orders to smooth out river flows means we would not have to constantly amend releases to meet ordered demand.

If other options are identified, can they be considered?

Yes, GMW is committed to supporting customers with on farm productivity so if feedback indicates the percentage can be reduced or the service standard removed without impacting on this measure it can be considered.