Draft Dartmouth L&OWMP

Draft Dartmouth L&OWMP

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Land and On Water Management Plans (L&OWMP) have been developed for many of our lakes, dams and reservoirs.

L&OWMPs are facilitated by GMW and are developed and implemented by the community. They are reliant on community ownership and the ability to attract funding.

The plans are implemented by L&OWMP Implementation Groups. Their activities including planning and sourcing external funding for initiatives that address a range of land and on-water issues such as:

  • increasing community awareness and involvement
  • community safety
  • recreation and tourism
  • maintaining healthy ecosystems
  • cultural heritage
  • the operational management of lakes, dams and reservoirs, including filling and releases, are outside the scope of the plan.

Community interaction is a prominent element associated with the management of GMW water storages and the management of public recreational use of irrigation storages is a challenge for GMW.  The draft Dartmouth Land & On Water Management Plan has been developed through an extensive process of engagement with communities to ensure it has strong community support for implementation.

Through the development of this Plan, GMW has embarked on extensive engagement with Government Agencies, Traditional Owners, and the general public through meetings, workshops and on-site surveys. GMW is now providing opportunity for further input into the Plan.