Helping people learn about water

Helping people learn about water

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We understand our role is more significant that the number of offices and storages we manage.

GMW is Australia's largest rural water corporation managing about 70 per cent of Victoria's stored water resources, about 50 per cent of Victoria's underground water supplies and Australia's largest irrigation delivery network. 

We manage water related services in a region of 68,000 square kilometres, bordered by the Great Dividing Range in the south and the River Murray in the north and stretching from Corryong in the east down river to Nyah. We have more than 21,000 customers using over 39,000 services in northern Victoria.

GMW is the Northern Victorian Resource Manager appointed by the Minister for Water and has been given responsibility for making the seasonal determination for all northern Victorian declared water systems. Within our region we operate 25 offices, 24 storages and an asset base valued at $5 billion.

We understand our role is more significant that the number of offices and storages we manage.

The irrigation delivery network is a vital part of life in northern Victoria. It is the lifeblood of our communities.

Our role in delivering reliable, affordable water drives a regional economy underpinning our collective prosperity and improving the wellbeing and daily lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

What we’re hearing

There are times our customers want us to go beyond our government-legislated obligations. A consistent topic has been the need for us to establish ourselves as a trusted partner with the people and industries of our region.

Our customers and stakeholders want us to advocate for regional development and policy development. They want us to support new and emerging industries and educate our communities, stakeholders and industry about what we do.

What we’re doing

We provide information to schools and have recently committed to partnering with nearby water authorities to raise awareness about our water and irrigation systems.

This is where we need your input

We’re seeking feedback from our customers on:

  • Should we increase our current level of participation in working groups, forums,committees and initiatives?
  • Should we put a greater focus on education of customers and our communities?
  • What topics would you like to see us focus our educational campaigns on?
  • What approach and format do you suggest we take to education?
  • Where and to which age groups who should we focus our education?
  • Should we commit resourcing to educate our communities?

In your words

“Partner with other rural water corporations.”

“Educate the irrigators/farmers and general public on the balance between water usage and sustainable practices.”  

“Consider economic development forums and GMW’s role in bringing new investment to our region.