Property Services Miscellaneous Fees

Property Services Miscellaneous Fees

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Thank you for your feedback on our Property Services miscellaneous fees.

At present, a number of changes are underway as a result of our GMW Transformation Working Plan and Strategic Plan.These new directions aim to strengthen both internal and external services for the business.

Directly aligning to our new business direction, we currently offer a number of valued additional services in relation to applications to build, use or deal with GMW land or assets for recreational or non-prescribed activities including:

  • Recreational Licensing (Foreshore licensing, jetty licensing and boat ramp licensing)
  • Commercial Leasing (Caravan Parks, Telecommunications, General Occupation)
  • Commercial Business Licensing (Tour Operations, Hire Houseboats, Passive Recreation (Paddleboats, Ice Cream Vans)
  • Grazing Licensing (grazing or cultivation around storage perimeter land and GMID land)
  • Land Development Enquiries (i.e. Solar Farm developments, Large Scale Subdivisions, Mining Applications,Land information and conveyancing requests)

Sitting outside of our 2019/20 regulatory pricing we have a number of one-off fees charged to recover the labour associated with assessing, processing and responding to applications associated with these activities.

These charges are known as Property Services miscellaneous fees and are detailed in the attached fact sheet.

To help support these valued additional services, we are seeking feedback from any customer or individual who has already, or plans to, submit any applications to build, use or deal with GMW land or assets for recreational or non-prescribed activities.

The purpose of this feedback is to inform the future management of, and pricing associated with these services, and will also enable us to re-asses the services offered and implement process improvements as required.

The opportunity for you to provide your feedback is now closed - thank you for taking the time to give feedback.

For more information please contact GMW Property Manager, Sharon Clement on 5826 3653.