Reducing our carbon emissions

Reducing our carbon emissions

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The most significant challenge facing GMW and our customers are the impacts of climate change and water availability.

The most significant challenge facing GMW and our customers are the impacts of climate change and water availability. We know the impacts of these challenges threaten its viability.

The figures cannot be disputed. The delivery network was designed to deliver 2500GL of water each year and today at its peak delivers just 1400GL.

It’s for this reason our response to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is so important to our business and our customers.

What are we doing?

Each year the Minister for Water sends a Letter of Expectation to all Victorian water corporations. This letter not only outlines performance expectations it communicates the government’s priorities for the water sector.

One of these priorities is Climate Change. In particular, it states we must: Provide services that minimise environmental impacts,mitigate climate change and put in place adaptation strategies.

In response to this GMW has initiated many projects including:

  • Establishing an Emissions Reductions Working Group
  • Making an Emissions Reductions Pledge to achieve net zero-carbon emissions by 2050
  • We are actively participating in the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) led Victorian Water Sector Climate Change Adaption Plan.

How are we tracking?

Our Baseline Emissions were calculated at 13,053 tCO2-e using a 5-year average from 2011-2016. We pledged the following initial initiatives over the 2018-25 period to reduce emissions:

1.    Emissions from fleet

2.    Emissions– Grid electricity volume

3.    HVAC (Air conditioning) and lighting Initiative

4.    Nyah Re-lift power station replacement initiative

5.    Solar panels initiative or Next water Plan commitment

The next steps need your input

During the development of our 2019 Pricing Submission we want to understand how important taking action to reduce our carbon emissions is to you. You can have your say at the survey above, or you can attend a drop-inday or workshop on Reducing our Carbon Emissions.

Here we’ll be asking our customers:

  • What suggestions do you have for GMW to reduce our carbon emissions?
  • Should we make reduction carbon emissions a priority?
  • What are your views on our investment programs to reduce emissions?

In your words

“Water Security is paramount. We must work together to address the issues facing our region.”