Torrumbarry Natural Carriers Rebate

Torrumbarry Natural Carriers Rebate

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The GMID delivery system mostly comprises of channels and pipes. In some places natural carriers (creeks, lakes, lagoons) also form part of the system. Unlike most GMID customers, those taking water from the natural carriers generally pump onto their properties.

In the Torrumbarry Irrigation Area, those taking water from nominated natural carriers have, since 1996, been eligible for the Torrumbarry Natural Carriers Rebate (also known as the Pumpers Rebate). A similar rebate does not apply in other parts of the GMID with natural carriers.

Recipients of the rebate pay standard Torrumbarry Irrigation Area delivery tariffs and prices. The calculated rebate ($/ML) is then applied to each ML used. 

The rebate is funded by other delivery service customers (previously only Torrumbarry, but now also Murray Valley, Central Goulburn, Rochester and Loddon Valley), resulting in higher prices for them.

The rebate has averaged a total of $400,000 ($2019/20) for the last three years. In 2018/19, the rebate was $11.02/ML compared to the Infrastructure Use Fee of$5.10/ML. i.e. rebate recipients were being paid $5.92 for every ML pumped.

In 2013 a review into the rebate (which included input from customers) found it should be removed, but this should be deferred until changes to service point fees were complete. With this work being completed in 2019/20, we’re now proposing the rebate be phased out over four years.

We understand this proposal will create concerns for some customers. This is why we would commit to a four-year transition path.

The table below outlines the proposed transition path.

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