Our 2022/23 annual Land & on Water Recreation User Survey attracted 629 responses.

The survey aims to understand what is important to visitors of our storages and the feedback will help shape the future of our recreational offerings.

One interesting insight was that people value online communication and this is something we are continually improving, in an effort to keep local communities and recreation users informed about upcoming events and changes.

We thank everyone who took part in the survey, and look forward to using this valuable feedback to ensure our storages continue to be great places to visit now and into the future.


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Year-on-year survey comparison

  • 70%

    increase in the number of people who participated in the survey

  • 17%

    more respondents knew where all-ability recreational facilities at GMW storages were located

  • 23%

    more respondents said Eildon was among the storages they visited

  • 6%

    more respondents said they visited GMW storages year-round