Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) is proposing updates to the terms and conditions for GMW's pipelined Water Supply District customers.

The terms and conditions outline the service that customers in Water Supply Districts receive from GMW, including:

  • reliability of water supply
  • the infrastructure for water to be delivered
  • maintenance on that infrastructure, and
  • notifications of outages

Changes to this document include a general update to the terms and conditions, combining a number of documents into one to make it easier for our customers to access and understand.

The updated terms and conditions also outline the minimum requirements for capacity share and water allowance that each serviced property must meet.

There is also a change to allow an amendment of capacity shares. If a serviced property does not meet these minimum requirements, GMW may alter a property’s capacity share and/or water allowance, if the alteration can occur without impacting other serviced properties.

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Feedback on our updated terms and conditions is now closed. A copy of the approved version will be uploaded to this page when available.

More information

If you have any questions about updates to these terms and conditions or your Water Supply District licence, please phone our Customer Experience Team on 1800 013 357.