The West Campaspe Groundwater Management Area (GMA) extends from Huntly in the south to Cohuna in the north and includes the townships of Leitchville, Gunbower and Huntly.

There is increased interest in new licences for the West Campaspe GMA. A Local Management Plan (LMP) ensures that the resource can be managed appropriately and fairly for all licence holders.

The development of a local management plan provides clear management rules for groundwater resources in that region.

LMPs are developed by GMW in consultation with existing groundwater users, stakeholder agencies and the wider community who will all be invited to comment on a draft plan.

Draft Local Management Plan now available for comment

Developed in consultation with local groundwater users and key stakeholders, the draft Plan describes the intended management framework for groundwater resources in the West Campaspe GMA.

The draft Plan seeks to strike a balance between recognising the benefit of using groundwater while supporting the protection of high value environmental, cultural, social and economic assets.

You are invited to provide feedback on the draft Plan. You can comment or ask questions using the form below up until 28 June 2024.

Following consultation, the Plan is scheduled to be released to the public in July 2024 and will be uploaded to the GMW website.